Running the app

Running the app is a two step process.

Compiling NoCodes

When you finish with a NoCode graph, you need to click Compile button to add this NoCode graph to the app code.

When something changes in your NoCode graph, the icon of the Compile button looks like below:

NoCode not compiled

If the compiling process is successful, the icon of the Compile button will be like below:

NoCode compiled


Compiling a NoCode generates the appropriate codes to the selected platform. So if this is an Android project, this will generate Java code. You can see the generated code by clicking the Show generated code button on the toolbar.

Building the app

After you've created and compiled your NoCodes, you'll need to build the whole app. This will create the .apk file for Android projects.

To build the app, you can click the Build button on the toolbar of the Main Screen.

Or if you plan to run the app after the build process, just click the Run button and this will build the app first and then run it.

Build or Run

Running on emulator or a device

When you click the Run button, there will display a list of running emulators or connected devices. If you connected your device it will be listed here. Or you can run an emulator and test your app.

Run app