Creating a new project

This tutorial explains how to create a new DevPal Studio Android project.


DevPal Studio currently supports building Android apps.

New project wizard

To create a new (Android) project, click New Project button on the Welcome Screen / Toolbar or select File->New from the main menu. All will open the New Project Wizard.

Project Wizard

  • Define a name for your new app.
  • Although Package Name will be automatically generated for you, you need to define a unique package name for every unique app.
  • DevPal Studio has a library of content (images etc.) for you to include into your projects. You can check Include DevPal Android content if you want to use these contents. (Not available in alpha version of DevPal Studio)
  • Click Create Project button.

Project templates

This feature is not available in Alpha Version. Only Blank template is available.

When you start a new DevPal project, you can choose a ready to use template which comes with pre-built screens and NoCodes. This will let you finish your app faster.

Built-in Templates

There are some very common app templates in this section, including an empty project template.

Plugin Templates

In this section, you can find project templates downloaded from DevPal Store. Those are community made templates and you can always download additional tempates from DevPal Store.