There are various plugins in DevPal Studio. You can import existing plugins to your project and add lots of functionality without any effort.

NoCode Plugins

NoCode plugins are similar to code libraries (for example .jar libraries). When you import a library to your NoCode, you will be able to access all the functionality of this plugin and use its NoCode items in your project.

To use a NoCode plugin click the Use NoCode Plugins button on the toolbar of Design & NoCode window.

NoCode plugin list

Now, select the plugins you want to use by checking the checkbox.

Alpha version limitation

Please note that not all the NoCode plugins in the plugins list are functional. You can test Image Effects plugin.

Open the NoCode items list by right clicking an empty area on the NoCode graph and scroll down to the bottom of the list. There you'll see the methods of the plugins you've selected.

NoCode plugin methods

DevPal Store

You'll be able to download more plugins when DevPal Store will be available.

UI Plugins

UI plugins are pre-built UI controls with built-in NoCode plugins.

Alpha version limitation

UI plugins are not available in Alpha version.