UI Design

Designing the user interface of your app is a fundamental process for any kind of app. Users interact with your app via screens. In Android terminology, we use Activity instead of screen. So first, lets see how to create a new screen for your app.

Adding a new screen

To add a new Activity (Android screen), click Add new activity button on Activities tab.

New Screen

You can zoom in/out Activities list by using the slider on the top right corner of the Activities tab.

You can rename the newly created activity and also add a description to this activity for you to note about this screen.

To delete an activity, just right click the activity and select Delete from the context menu.

Typically the first screen you add is assigned as the main screen of your project. But if you have multiple screens you can set any screen as main screen by right clicking on the screen's title area and choosing Set as main activity.

Adding UI Controls

To open the UI Designer window, just click an activity.

UI Controls

Alpha version limitation

Because drag&drop UI Designer functionality is not fully ready yet, only designing by XML option is available in Alpha Version.

Design by XML

For Android, you can define the UI in XML. Although this is not as easy as drag&drop designing, DevPal Studio supports Android UI XML. (This is the only way of UI designing in alpha version.)

To learn how to make UI designs in XML, you can follow Android's tutorials here.

To add UI XML, just switch to Android XML tab. Here you can write your XML or just open an existing UI XML file.

UI Design by XML